It is with great pleasure that we can inform you that we have decided to cooperate with companies and individual clients in the context of promoting products and services related to investing. Below you will find a list of possible forms of advertising.

  • Banner before the new video on YouTube
  • Link in the description of the existing video on YouTube
  • Link in the description of the new video on YouTube
  • Sponsored recording [with the author's own opinion]

For whom?

  • For companies selling their products / services / training in the investment industry
  • For individuals who would like to add an affiliate link to the video description
  • For people who want to promote their website or blog

Specific numbers:

  • Over 6000 unique users each month
  • Over 20 views each month
  • About 200 new subscriptions per month
  • The published movie generates an average of 400 organic page views per month
  • The new video generates over 3000 views on average in the first 3 months

WARNING! We reserve the right to reject the offer with a view to the welfare and safety of recipients.

Check the price list