5 reasons why forex is better than binary options

And it happened. binary Options have been officially banned in the European Union and we can do nothing about it. A lot of people wonder what to do now and are skeptical Forex so I decided that in today's article I will present 5 arguments for which Forex is simply a better investment instrument than binary options.

Why is forex better than binary options?

Less randomness - anyone who invests in binary options sooner or later he met it. The binary options are followed by ordinary luck after skills. There is probably no financial instrument that is both an investment and a gamble. In case of Forex you are mainly dependent on your skills and you decide when to close the position with profit / loss.

Better capital control - On binary options, the matter is simple - either you earn X percent or you lose 100% of the bet amount. The simplicity of settlements has its advantages, but the biggest disadvantage is that we do not have many capital management options. Martingale can be deadly on binary options, let the one who has never had a leg to throw first. In the case of FX, you have a lot of risk management options because how much we earn depends on how strongly the price moves in the direction we assume. We can cut losses at any time and we are not dependent on losing 100% of the investment

Unlimited profits - by investing on Forex apart from the profits, it is important to play. The better you play the market, the more you can earn and the profits are actually unlimited. Every day there are trading opportunities where you can earn a few hundred percent - of course it is not easy, but remember that it is doable. In the case of binary options, you have a certain stake that you will earn and no matter how you play it, you will always do the same.

Earning easier - It is assumed that about 90-95% of investors lose on binary options. This is an overwhelming statistic and I find it easy to agree with. In case of Forex it is a bit better and according to the statistics provided by brokers, about 80% of people lose their funds. Also by going to Forex statistics is a bit more on your side - although let's face it, it's not easy, but easier to do than investing in binary options.

It's harder to reset the deposit - If you stick to the basic rules of investment, i.e. you make profits, cut losses and play for a small percentage of capital, it is really difficult to lose your deposit. Of course, there will be those who will deny it, but in practice, if you are not guided by emotions when playing for the entire deposit, you should not lose money quickly. Ba! Even if you average what is happening, your deposit will melt, but you will not lose it in one afternoon. I emphasize that this argument only applies if you stick to the rules of investing.


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