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As we all know binary options have been officially banned in the European Union. However, all is not lost because the gates to their services are opened by regulated brokers outside the EU. Unfortunately, most platforms have shady licenses or terrible reviews. By way of elimination, I was able to find the only broker who has a credible license, good feedback and a transparent platform. Below you will find more details.

General information about HighLow

  • Regulation: ASIC
  • Minimum deposit: 50 USD
  • Minimum transaction value: USD 10
  • Returns: up to 100%
  • Deposits and withdrawals: Credit / debit card, Neteller, Bitcoin

Creating a HighLow account

Creating an account is really very simple, but unfortunately full verification takes about a day, so I am impatient to register from Monday to Friday because at the weekend your documents will not be checked, and thus you will not be able to deposit money. After going to this page, enter your country of residence and enter your details. The form is completed by sending documents needed for verification.

The broker did not offer services in Poland a few days ago. Now that has changed and you can legally create an account specifying "Poland" as your country of residence (or another country where you live)


The verification process

To verify your identity select one of the following documents:

  • ID card
  • Passport
  • Driving license

To verify your home address choose one of the following documents:

  • Confirmation from Bank
  • Confirmation of payment
  • Bill (e.g. for electricity)

HighLow platform

I have to admit that the platform is really very transparent and I think that anyone who has ever had to deal with binary options will calmly handle it. Unfortunately, due to clear simplifications, the platform is stripped of many functions that more advanced people can disturb. For example, we don't have access to viewing charts in candle format. That is why I suggest using external chart providers to make trading smooth.

As for the instruments offered by the broker, it all revolves around binary options. Below is a brief description of each instrument:

HighLow - Normal binary options enforced at an average price (like on IQ Option). The time of expiry of such a position is from 15 minutes to even 1 day.

Turbo - As the name suggests, these are very quick positions. We can trade from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Positions are realized at an average price.

HighLow Spread - This instrument is practically a copy of the previously mentioned HighLow option, with the difference that the positions are executed at the ASK and BID prices.

Turbo Spread - the same as Turbo positions, only as above positions are opened at ASK and BID prices.


The only caveat I have to support is that the only way to get in touch quickly is to call Australia directly. If someone knows English, there is no problem, but if someone has a problem with communication in this language, it remains to send a message via the appropriate form. Unfortunately, you often have to wait around 24 hours for a reply to an email.


13 thoughts on "HighLow - Legal binary options"

  1. You can also use the options on uTrader. They work there all the time. There are typical options, turbo and long-term up to several weeks 🙂

      1. I've been there for over a month so I haven't paid it yet. But he is a legal broker, so why not withdraw? May I have more information, please?

  2. I advise against, I do not recommend uTrader. I have an account there for about two years. I lost a lot of money there. Their guarantee on transactions, some insurance are all about the asshole. But what can you expect from a broker who gives you 150% Bonus in the "promotion". Which then locks you onto their server and manipulates your open positions. A lot to write, but everyone makes decisions individually

  3. .. and where to look for chart suppliers in candlestick format for IQ it was a fantastic convenience, how to solve this problem ..?

  4. Thanks for the info about HighLow - it's a bit clunky (you can't zoom in / out on the graph)

    Do you have any info about Pocket Option ??
    Interface suits me very well but I don't know if they pay :)))

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