Ranking of Forex brokers

Below is the broker ranking Forex. All brokers were thoroughly checked before being added to the list. By registering with any broker from the list, you can be sure that your funds will be properly secured. It is worth paying attention to the regulations of individual brokers - it depends on what conditions you can invest.

NameMinimal depositOfferProtection against negative balancesspreadControlBroker TypeRegister
200 USD (Next deposit from 1 USD) CheckNo0,1 pipASICECN OPEN FREE ACCOUNT
$10 CheckYesmarketplaceCySECMarket Maker OPEN FREE ACCOUNT
$5 CheckYesVariableFCAMarket Maker OPEN FREE ACCOUNT
400 PLN CheckYesSolid, marketableASICs, CySECMarket Maker OPEN FREE ACCOUNT
1 USD CheckYesFloating-SpreadCySECMarket Maker OPEN FREE ACCOUNT
200 AUD CheckYesmarketplaceASIC, FCAMarket Maker OPEN FREE ACCOUNT
300 PLN CheckYesFixed-SpreadCySECMarket Maker OPEN FREE ACCOUNT
FINMAX$10 CheckYesmarketplaceIFMRRCMarket Maker OPEN FREE ACCOUNT

Forex brokers

Market Forex it is not a centralized market. This means that buyers and sellers do not meet at one point on the stock exchange - currency trading takes place in parallel on many markets, which can be accessed by the broker Forex . The course from the platform is only a mapping of the course created by the largest institutions that exchange currency with each other. This price is only a reference point for other investors participating in currency trading, i.e. for smaller entities. Where is our place in this chain? It all depends on the order execution model our broker has.

Execution models

1. Market Maker Brokers (MM)

Market Maker brokers. This name is notorious in the environment Forex but how does it really work? First of all, it is the most popular model. In a nutshell, the broker creates a market for us, so at the same time it is the other party to the transaction that the previously dealing desk has to accept. Your loss is the broker's profit. Often investors are afraid of choosing a marketmaker, fearing unfair practices. Of course, there are a large number of institutions that prey on inactive customers. However, in fact, it is enough that the MarketMaker broker is based on statistics and does not have to 'disturb' investors. Why? - simple, because he will lose most of the time. Market Maker has its obvious pluses. First of all, it allows you to open very small items (so-called microlots / nanolots). Market Maker also often offers a fixed spread - very beneficial for beginners. For such people, another feature of market makers will be equally important: negative balance protection - you will not lose more than you pay.

2. ECN brokers

The second model of order execution is ECN - Electronic Communication Network and it is a model that, to a great extent, allows brokers' clients to participate in the real currency exchange market. ECN brokers are only an intermediary between us and the liquidity provider (other players, banks, institutions). Our transactions are anonymous for the broker.

However, ECN brokers also have some disadvantages - the limitation of this model is functioning within one system. The system of a given broker which can generate re-quotes and exchange rate differences in relation to other models. The spread is generally lower than in the case of MarketMakers, in the period of lower liquidity - e.g. on New Year's Eve, it may increase several times. Remember that this model does not protect the investor from a negative balance.