FiNMAX - Review of the binary options broker

Difficult times have come. To invest in binary options you have to really search hard. In addition, you need to sweat to verify the broker and be sure of its solvency. For over 4 weeks I have been intensively testing the FiNMAX broker, which is regulated by IFMRRC.

To save you time, let me say briefly - I had no problems with this broker and I think you can safely register using the link below.


About FiNMAX

  • Regulation: IFMRRC
  • Minimum deposit: 10 USD
  • Returns: up to 90%
  • Minimum transaction value: USD 5
  • Deposits and withdrawals: Payment cards, WebMoney, Bank transfer,
  • Withdrawals: Up to 3 business days


The platform is quite transparent and offers a cascaded interface. At the top we choose the asset and then the expiry time of the position. This is not the most convenient interface, but many beginners will find it sufficient.

The returns aren't the highest (but better than and we have a large spread of expiry times. There are also several types of binary options such as - above / below and above / below. The first type is a bet with a broker whether the price will exceed the level set by him in the allotted time, and the second type is standard binary options consisting in the fact that we collect profits when the price in the set time goes in the designated direction.


Due to the fact that the broker is registered outside the European Union, he may offer deposit bonuses. I am not a fan of using this type of add-ons because they require you to make the right marketing.

Often the turnover is so large that novice players will dip all their money - this is how it is constructed. However, if someone really wants to take advantage of the bonus, it is possible. Depending on the size of the deposit, we get a bigger bonus.

Account Types

The broker allows a minimum deposit of $ 10. However, this is a limited option that does not unlock the full potential of the platform. The more you deposit, the higher your account status you can achieve. The attached table shows exactly what options we will unlock after paying a certain amount.

In my opinion, the best option is $ 250 for people who will not be using large capital - it is all about safe account keeping and easy gaming for a minimum stake of $ 5. In my opinion, it makes no sense to deposit a smaller amount because we risk too much of the bill per transaction.

However, if someone has a larger budget, the most reasonable option seems to me $ 5000. First of all, due to one free payment per month, increased returns and position up to 50% of the bill without any risk. Of course, if you have a thick wallet, any more expensive option is better, but I mean above all the price / quality ratio.

Personally, I think you can ignore unlimited withdrawals per month (and so most people pay out once a month) or unlimited access to signals that can't work because if you make money then the broker will lose. Accelerated payments for the impatient are tempting.

DEMO account

The broker has the option to open a demo account. Just use the button below and you will be redirected to the registration page that allows you to open a demo account.


FiNMAX support

Support is always on hand and if anyone has any questions they will get the answer very quickly (in English), but on the other hand people working in the support want to help too much and sometimes they get annoying. This is not a big problem, but I think it is worth noting.

If you are interested in broker services, you can register using the button below.



7 thoughts on "FiNMAX - Review of the binary options broker"

  1. I set up an account there just after binary options. I played here it was almost a year ago and it was great, I play on another broker but recently I saw it on Facebook when you test and encourage you to try and encourage you, and so I ended two weeks and paid the money. Everything went smoothly, vicious opinions on the net are a sham ... I convinced myself ... Europeans are welcome there. As for support, my phone looked like after answering the phone from them, it was first a confirmation whether I have deliberately made an account and what is my experience, they stated that I can follow my trail and rather I know what I am doing, they also left me without calling me and spam. Although you can still convert, but better not, I have never tested whether their teachings are useful.

  2. I can only see one problem that they probably don't have only linear candlesticks. Does he not know something?

  3. Hey Matt, thank you so much for broker tests. I have a few questions:
    - does the platform support Skrill?
    - if the first withdrawal is limited with a $ 250 account, how much do the next ones cost?

  4. After paying $ 250 and earning $ 650. within 4 days they closed the account due to "manipulation". One thing is for sure, they will let you lose money, but you will not earn money.

  5. I played with an analyst for 2 days and lost all the money. These are thieves and fraudsters. Don't trust them. Withdraw your money, money, while it's time

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