How to copy traders to PocketOption?

Copying games can be useful. Properly prepared allows us to limit our trading skills to a minimum. For this we have to manage capital well and watch what trader we invest in. In today's article, I will describe the process of copying games to a PocketOption broker.

1. Log in to the PocketOption platform

Without a broker account, it will not be possible to copy your games. If you don't have an account, open it using this link. Then, go to the "Social Trading" tab on the right-hand side and find the trader you want to follow.


2. View trader statistics

Review carefully the results of short and long-term traders. Choose a trader who is able to achieve good results in the long run and prefers a moderate risk without excessive use of martingale.

3. Set the copy parameters

We can change four parameters. Then validate.

  • Copy In Proportion - the default is 100%, i.e. if a trader opens a position for $ 100, this amount will also be taken from your account. If you set 50%, the amount of opened positions will be half that of the copied trader.
  • Stop Balance - Amount at which copying should end. If we bet $ 2500, then when the value of our account drops below $ 2500, copying will be turned off
  • Min copy trade amount - Minimum transaction amount
  • Max copy trade amount - Maximum transaction amount

4. Ready, just wait

Now just wait. We don't even have to be on the platform, and all items will be copied. The question is, is it profitable in the long run? I do not know. Below are the initial results we managed to get, but the chance that it will last forever is rather small. In any case, I encourage you to test using small amounts to start.

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