How to deposit / withdraw money using cryptocurrencies?

Recently, I started very intensively for optimizing the costs of deposits and withdrawals. I quickly came to the conclusion that withdrawals for Skrill internet wallets are very expensive and you have to turn your cash properly so that you don't pay a currency conversion commission. Some brokers, however, do not offer payouts on internet wallets, but only on cryptocurrencies. This is not the cheapest option, but it is much cheaper than withdrawing on Skrill Internet wallets. The cost of withdrawal for cryptocurrency is in this case only 0,5%.

In the example below I show how to deposit and withdraw funds to a PocketOption broker using a cryptocurrency wallet.

How to deposit money step by step.

1 step. Open BitBay account


2 step. Deposit the first funds by going to the tab wallets> PLN> Deposit> Bank Transfer

3 step. When the funds are in the account, go to the tab exchange> fast transaction and exchange as much PLN for Bitcoin as you need. It is always better to have a supply to cover commissions.

4 step. Go to the broker page and order the addition of funds. In my case it is PocketOption> Finance> Deposit> Bitcoin> select the amount and confirm. You should see the amount and the address of the transfer in BTC.

5 step. get back to BitBay> Wallets> BTC> withdrawal. Enter the BTC amount and the address indicated by the broker. Then validate and you're done! Funds should be in your account within minutes.

How to withdraw funds from a broker?

1 step. Copy your Bitcoin wallet number. Go to BitBay> wallets> BTC and copy the wallet number

2 step. Get a payout from a broker. For PocketOption, go to finance> withdrawal> BTC> select the amount and enter the copied wallet number

3 step. Wait. The funds should be credited to your account within a few hours. Sometimes it can take up to 3 business days

One thought on "How to deposit / withdraw money using cryptocurrencies?"

  1. Having 200 PLN converted into Bitcoin, we are able to pay a small part because the commission when depositing already converted from Bitcoin is PLN 100 from PLN 200. Are these their normal commissions?

    Taking an example, if you want to convert 400 zlotys into dollars for the option, we will not have the amount of $ 100 and only half of that

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