Pocket Option - The Best Binary Options Broker?

Today I am looking at the broker who is a huge surprise for me. PocketOption after over a week of intensive testing from my and your site turned out to be one of the best binary options platforms we can find on the Internet. Throughout the testing period, I was incredibly satisfied with the platform's performance and returns that reach up to 98%.

The average returns on the platform are around 90%, beating many rivals. The broker is regulated by the FMRRC, which means that it does not fall under the guidelines of the European Union and clients from Europe can easily register and invest with this broker.


By using this button you will receive a 50% bonus to your deposit. If you deposit $ 100, you will receive an additional $ 50 for trading. You can cancel the bonus at any time.

General information about PocketOption

  • Adjustment: FMRRC
  • Minimum deposit: $ 50
  • Account types: Real, Demo (easy to switch)
  • Commissions: None
  • Minimum transaction value: $ 1
  • Deposits and withdrawals: Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Cryptocurrencies

PocketOption platform

Here are the next words of praise. The broker has a very developed proprietary platform, on which we will find a lot of configuration options, indicators, transaction signals, rankings of the best traders and many other less important options. I really appreciate this type of momentum.

In practice, everything works quickly and efficiently - I cannot fault the speed of order execution in any way. At the very beginning of the tests, I noticed one thing - the charts differ a bit from what we can see in other brokers. I researched the topic and it has no effect on trading.

The statistical efficiency is around 50% so this means that the charts are not manipulated. I also contacted the data provider who explained to me that charts may differ from other brokers because PocketOption uses an average buying and selling rate.

When trading, I didn't feel the broker was trying to work against me. Sometimes the "strange" movements worked in my favor and sometimes they didn't - it certainly wasn't one-sided.

When browsing available assets, you will definitely pay attention to huge returns on investment. We can invest without any problem on currency pairs with a return of 95%. It is a deliberate broker who wants to keep us on the platform as long as possible.

If we have no advantage over the market and manage the risk well, we will gradually drain the deposit making a huge turnover on which the broker earns. Therefore, if we can gain an advantage, we can get huge profits. I wonder if I should pay extra 10 USD to my bill and increase my results.


By using this button you will receive a 50% bonus to your deposit. If you deposit $ 100, you will receive an additional $ 50 for trading. You can cancel the bonus at any time.

How to verify the account?

If we want to deposit money using a payment card, we must verify our account. That is why I recommend all registrants to do it as soon as possible, because the process itself lasts one day and it is better to get it over with. We will have to verify our data in two categories:

Identity Verification

  • Photograph of ID card from the front and back
  • Passport
  • Driving license

Verifying your home address

  • Electricity bill
  • Invoice
  • Confirmation of payment


How to deposit?

The method of making a deposit seems simple, but in the case of this broker it may seem a bit complicated. We have several payment options: payment card, Skrill, Neteller, kryptowaluty. Payments are not automatic with Skrill. We need to transfer money to the broker's account, and then the platform will replenish our funds (it takes several hours). The new Skrill regulations do not allow direct payment, so you have to do it around. Below is an instruction on how to deposit funds with Skrill:

The fastest way is to use Neteller. Top-up is instant. All you have to do is enter the security code and email address of your Neteller account (you set the security code when you register to Neteller. You can change the code at any time from the panel). We can also use a payment card, but you will need to verify your account. It is worth emphasizing that in the case of a card, a minimum deposit of up to $ 100.

If someone would like to receive a 100% BONUS for each deposit paid, enter "MATTOPTION" in the "Promocode" box. Then you will receive a 100% bonus on each deposited amount. If you deposit PLN 10, you will receive another PLN 000 from the broker. You can cancel the bonus at any time and withdraw your funds.


By using this button you will receive a 50% bonus to your deposit. If you deposit $ 100, you will receive an additional $ 50 for trading. You can cancel the bonus at any time.


I paid $ 2500 for testing. After a week, I made a profit payment of $ 997. On the same day, the funds were processed and transferred to the payment processor. Below I attach a screen with the payment confirmation.

PocketOption support

The broker offers support in the form of chat or email contact. I have no reservations about the quality of service because the support answers questions quickly and specifically. Of course, help is only in English. That is why I encourage people who have a problem with this language to use Google Translate.


By using this button you will receive a 50% bonus to your deposit. If you deposit $ 100, you will receive an additional $ 50 for trading. You can cancel the bonus at any time.

18 thoughts on "Pocket Option - The Best Binary Options Broker?"

  1. Hello, I launched the platform today, i.e. on Sunday, and I can see that it is active, are there also options for playing on weekends on currency pairs?

  2. I fired up a demo account today. The price movement is completely different than on the other charts. Is it because of the demo or the real thing, it is also like that. Example. Breakout on EUR / USD interval 1m. there is a peak, there will be a drop, play for sell 3 minutes. On tradeingview and mt4 I see three long candles down. The price went up on pocket. What is going on.

    1. The price is averaged over. It's a binary options broker so it doesn't have to use much more expensive ask and bid rates. I checked this topic and it does not affect the probability of winning - I also verified the data provider who announced that the broker cannot influence the price

  3. hey hello you have something that is completely different candles eg should be red and is green? and how is the hour here because I normally have 7 and shows that it is 8

  4. Hey Matt, if I make a deposit using BTC will it be calculated at the exchange rate and converted to USD in the platform?

  5. Hello, I registered for pocket option and noticed that on the eur / usd pair they only offer 54% - is it always so little?

    1. Hey, such a period. If there are fewer customers on the platform, the rates are falling. Usually when summer approaches, this is how it looks

      1. Thanks for the info. And I have such a question today, i.e. on Monday only OTC market currency pairs are and not forex? why?

  6. Hey Matt, doesn't the broker make a withdrawal problem if you want to withdraw a profit and a deposit or a profit that exceeds the deposit?

  7. A good broker, the main thing is that he withdraws without problems. I really liked it, so far there were no problems with him. A convenient and modern interface and the presence of a chat, and a system of achievements are a huge plus.

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