Trading after work. How to go about it?

Do not kid yourself. Most people reading this article have to go to work every day and earn their bread. Investing in the performance of other duties is not necessarily a good solution due to the level of concentration and constant harassment by the boss. That is why in this article I will describe in a few points what to focus on in order to be able to start trading after work. For simplicity I will be based on people working from 9:00 to 17:00 so I automatically exclude these hours for investing.

Trading style

It will be difficult to invest in line with the trend because in the late afternoon the markets are not as active as they are in the hours 9:00 to 15:00. That's why I think it's worth focusing on scalping as it doesn't require a lot of volatility. In addition, scalping does not have such a negative effect on the mental condition as "traditional trading". This is due to the fact that we open a lot of positions that collect small profits, and thus we have high effectiveness.

The right lever

If you expect that after work you will not have a lot of free time for yourself, I suggest you do not overdo it with the size of the leverage. I know that 1: 500 sounds tempting, and the profit potential in the short term is greater, but just a little carelessness and the bill can go with smoke. That's why it's good to play with the 1:50 jack at the beginning and gradually increase the leverage depending on how confident you feel on the market.

The right hours

At the beginning of this article, we determined that our model Kowalski is busy with private duties from 9:00 to 17:00. At the first point I mentioned that it is rather difficult to find trends in the evening, but what if someone can invest very late in the evening? I mean hours from 1:00 to around 7:00. We must remember that markets are active 24 hours, which are divided into sessions in different countries. As we all probably know from geography lessons, that in some countries when it is night here, in other countries the day is just beginning.

In short, it is worth checking the currency pairs in which the Japanese Yen (JPY) combination is included because in the late evening Japanese banks appear on the market, and thus there is the possibility of forming trends.


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